Joni studied fine art at the University of Nevada. She also attended the Jeanette O'Neil School of Decorative Arts in San Francisco. After attending college, she was a graphic artist for ten years in various advertising agencies and magazines located in Northern Nevada and the Bay Area.

Joni has been painting, sculpting, faux finishing, and using many other meduims ever since she figured out how to use her hands. She moved to Las Vegas in 1997 with her wonderful husband and beloved pets (lots of them). Since then, she has shown her work in several Las Vegas and Boulder City galleries.

Joni travels extensively with her entertainer husband Max Clever and their five little dogs, cockatoos, and bunny. While on the road, she is lucky to have the chance to work intensively on her art.

my life
"They can mean anything to anyone. That's important to me."
Joni finds it difficult to write about her art, her inspirations and ideas. She paints the downtrodden, the passionate, the desperate, sometimes happy-without-reason people of the world. They are interesting and important.

She states, "It's not about who I am, but about how the painting makes the viewer think and feel." It's also difficult for Joni to sign her pieces, because she feels it distracts from the painting as a whole. Joni titles her work simply, i.e., Burnt Sienna Woman, Blue Girl, etc., so they are easily identified and they don't offer any preconceived comment into the viewers' minds.

Although her paintings may seem intense or a little sad, Joni is usually a happy person. This may be because she is surrounded by her adoring and supportive husband, loving delightful pets, and her whole family. Her little furry ones and dreamy husband are her main inspiration, as well as the passion of her subjects.